Exceptional Service

Molly has been the MOST FANTASTIC realtor I’ve ever met or worked with. For starters, she’s incredibly patient. I’m such an indecisive person that it took me a year to fully conclude I was ready to buy a house. She stayed in touch with me and gave me the space I needed throughout that time, until I let her know I was ready to go on the market. She knows the BEST lenders in the business for the type of property and loan you’re looking for. As a first time homebuyer, I was immensely impressed with her ability to prep me for what was to come. I received a binder with easy-to-read papers on every step of the Home buying process and a breakdown of terminology used. She proved herself very knowledgeable when viewing houses, as she pointed out anything that may be dangerous, improperly done improvements, and/or amongst a variety of other issues or barriers to each house. She’s acutely aware of the safety of every neighborhood, where landfills are located, what brings a house more value in the future, and a multitude of other helpful tidbits. She was available at anytime or day to answer questions I had throughout the homebuying process, and walked me through closing as things got trickier for me to understand. I would HIGHLY recommend Molly as a realtor for new homebuyers and beyond.